ŠKODA - The Most Beautiful Sounds of Slovakia

TV Commercial 2023
Client: ŠKODA

We have created cities - places where life lives us. Wrapped up in the hustle and bustle and sounds, we have forgotten to listen. No one is allowed to be silent here.


The cacophony of the present. 
Pure sound no longer exists.
I am looking for. I am discovering. I'm going out. Alone, quietly. 


Every sound has its time and place, and I want to be there. Leave no trace. To know the world without destroying it. It's not free, but the world is a beautiful place, even if you step in the mud once in a while.
Pure sound exists! It's waiting for you out there. But you have to know how to find it. It's hiding. Under the leaves and under the roads. Under other sounds and behind your determination. Deep beneath the surface and yet all around us... But if you want to hear the world, you must first be still yourself.


I am musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist Jureš Liška, discover with me the most beautiful sounds of Slovakia at www.skoda-auto.sk/zvukyslovenska


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