Miss Slovakia 2023

Event 2023
Client: Miss Slovakia / LGM, s.r.o.

Live broadcast of the 27th year of Miss Slovakia 2023 on TV JOJ and it´s new concept of this prestigious competition.

Michael Kováčik, the director of Miss Slovakia:

After a year long break caused by covid pandemic, we were thinking of new ways how to make the competition lively again. We were thinking about how to create new, modern, dynamic format, which would be „sustainable“ during this era. The beauty queen, the crown of beauty, idle of beauty- sounds pretty lame these days, don´t you think?  Back in the days, beauty had it´s standards and borders, but how do you define beauty now? We bet on diversity: diverse girls with different personalities, interests, body types, different measures and visage. In between the finalists we had gypsy activist, environmentalist, scenic dancer, hostess of podstasts, jewellery designer, teacher and other professions. Almost each and every one of our finalists studied at university, each of them speaks fluently in English, not only that, some of them can speak even in three different languages.
Miss means a lady in Slovak language. That´s what we draw from. We are looking for a lady with energy, drive, the will to work on herself. She will be an inspiration to other young ladies. We are looking for „It Girl“ people will talk about, but in the best way possible.